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Midas Pro2 TP 56 Ch

Day Rental $600    Week Rental $900

The MIDAS PRO2 digital mixer gives you fabulous live sound, with a fast and streamlined workflow. The PRO2's intuitive interface is all about keeping it simple. Rather than the confusing paging and layering concepts employed by many digital boards, the PRO2's intuitive interface is centered around colors and groups. Compact and roadworthy, the PRO2 packs a punch. It has eight mic/line inputs onboard and can be expanded with a DL251 remote stage box, which sports another 48 inputs. You can also expand your system to cover the largest of shows. Step up to a truly innovative digital console: the MIDAS PRO2.

Shure Wireless UR4D 4 Pack Combo Mics 

Day rental $250.  Week rental  $450

If you are searching for elegance and comfort our curated collection will satisfy even the most exigent needs.

Sennheiser EW300 IEM Wireless Inear system

Day Rental $90   Week Rental $140

Our relaxing chairs collection will bring the ultra-modern style to your home. Ergonomic and minimalistic designs that fill your ideal living room.

QSC Powered Speakers K12 

Day Rental $39   Week Rental $89

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JBL SRX828 Powered Subwoofers 

Day Rental $99

A full suite of User Controllable DSP driven by the SRX800 Series powerful onboard 400MHz Sharc DSP includes 20 PEQ’s, 2 seconds of delay, signal generators, Input mixing, amplifier monitoring, and 50 User Presets. In addition, the system can incorporate V5 JBL Tunings providing compatibility with our flagship Vertec and VTX touring systems. An integrated LCD screen supports fast setup and configuration.

db Technologies t4 Powered Line Array

Day Rental $89

A three-way active line array system, the DVA T4 has set new standards in the sound reinforcement industry since its 2007 market launch. Better yet, it has brought the benefits of real line array technology to a much wider range of users. Equipped with top-notch features and engineered for maximum versatility, the DVA T4 delivers premium performance and ensures excellent return on investment.

JBL PRX715 Powered Speaker

Day Rental $49

The 2-way 15" is the most recognizable form of portable PA loudspeakers and offers the perfect balance between size and performance. The PRX715 truly is an exception; it’s small, light weight, versatile and powerful.